Sunday, January 2, 2011

Say helllo to 2011 ! ='D

I have edited this post for 1 year xD
Cause of.........
I've edited it from 2010 to 2011
Muaahhahahahahahaaa ! -ciao :S

Let's review! :)

My Christmas's programme

Errr.....Let me think......
Oh , 25th 0000~0100
We had a supper time at Black & White Pandan Indah

I ordered my favourite-colour drinks again xD
this taste not bad laa
better than Ayamas
But , i like the colour of Ayamas more ! ;)

 Ayamas =]

Oh ya . I was going to Genting for two days :}
Even though there was too bored for me
Btw , i appreciated that i can shopping with my dearest family on that two days ! :D

Midnight , i think
I meet nana ! :D
We had some shop and chit chat ;)
Not only , and PICHA :D

It's kinda cold laaa .

Hanging out with my buii ;)
That day she was off
and we miss each other muchie ;)
so we meet up laaa
We went to pak tuo and shopping :D
It was a happy memories !


We had a good chit-chatting at Kim Gary and we apply the membercard together
hahaha :)
Money wasted -,-
actually nope , we got few vouchers laaa

Mine is orange ,hers is black in colour =]

Cleaning-up of my house 
This is my responsibility as a good daughter xD

What a messy :S

 There are some books for my brother :D


haha , ya
Is it nice ?
My dear mom bought it for me
about Rm110 ><
It's expensive for me laaa
But it's okay la
Cause of my parents like it much ;)

my babe bought it for me from Japan Sanrio Puroland
I like it much , thank you babe ! =*)
She gave me yesterday and had a nice day together =]

I have shopping for a week
Oh my leg~~
Finally finish my new clothes and new year stuff.
School reopen tomorrow
Feel a bit nervous , but it's not going to start our lesson first three days actually =]
I think i would less to online =]
I think only laaa :P

Just check my class on school's website
Oh my english class ahhh ><

My friend told me that tomorrow got 仪容检查:S
Mom called me to tell the prefect that my hair colour is original LOL
Okay , on! XD

NEW year NEW wishes NEW hopes
I have to plan my works and works my plans =]
Be mature
Be clever
Be polite
Be smart
Be hardworking
Be ...........moreeeee
Hope all of us could step into a colourful 2011 ! YAY! :D

 It's quite late now , i suppose to bed now =]
Night all ;)

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