Saturday, April 9, 2011

Untitled 10.4.11

The time is passing as fast as lightning :S

If you dont want , give me some =]

i need it to do many things; - i can relax abroad - i can play play play and more ! oh ya ~ i dont know would you feel beh song on me or not ? i just know , sometimes i really cant get you mind
choy lee fut , i watched =] not bad larr but i preferred ghost....crazy xD do not remember that name =x we have our happy time together =] whenever i reached home , they are no one in . we chat for a short while in car :s papa bought that machine for us , haha . free a mine massager and a electrical scale.wahahaa . what a funny things have been.
my lil yen have in a middle of hardship in her friendship . may keep her in company sometimes.oh ! that is my geh boh personalize ~ bla bla bla ~ ah ! my connie have dated me for few times ! so sorry about it . i know that we have not met for a longggggg time ~~~
at home today , am i a good girl ? xD because im tiring  i hope i could get free at all , even about studies ! i just want to have a simple life like now , why must a human need to suffer so many things ? just let it be ordinary , cannot ? aiyo ~

my darl darl have sicked for few days , recover ASAP !!

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