Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Full PINK ! =D

Today is our HOLIDAY ! =DDDDD Oh yeah !!!!

Nana's bloggie - Pitbull
Eweee, just discovered this big news from nana's bloggie !!
Highly desire to go his concert !!!!!!
Who wanna go with ? =D
If i could get the tickets , i must share with my dearestssssss =D
then we could rock there together :P
it would be my dream ever , wuahahahahahahhaha

there would be my highest entertainment expenses eveerr in the coming holidayssssss =S
then how could i earn some money ? =0 suffffffeerrrr

Spm is around the corner ! countdown for xx days =S
Hope will get  a good result then :D
No pain no gain ! i should start my reviision now though i always start it with my mouth =S

I want to watch this !!! =D
who accompany in ?
got abit terrible i think :P
mom still ask me to watch at genting ==

yaya , im going to genting this saturday with my dearly cousin
it's the time to enclose our relationship , blablabla =D
i'm appreciating i got such this big family ='D

I'm also glad that i have much friends who they care bout me and i care bout them too !! :D
the time is pass as fast as lightning -i accustomed to saying that , bluek :P
hahahahah , since from the day i stepped into senior life
and after a flash , my senior two life gonna finish D=
treasure the time then ;)

watching Sharpay Fabulous Adventure last day
oh my god
she is a pink freak also :P
same here ,aha ! -hifive ^^
allll of her stuff is in pink colour, such as her room la , her laptop la , her curtain , cupboard :D
owh , does my lovely daddy make this for me ? 0.0

Taiwan also got one hello kitty sweet cafe , oh my god
will i going this holiday taiwan's trip ?!
looking forward for it !! =D
their menu , foods and drinks , forks and spoons , appetizer , mirror.....all in hello kitty , it would be my dream cafe D=

hahaha, for now , my dream is i could meet my dream man go my dream place with my dream friends too and stay in a dream house which has my dream room which filled in my dream stuffs with my dream function xD all bout dream =DD xD



  1. Hey! Pink freak!! :p
    go to Taiwan to refer and open a Kitty cafe in Malaysia!!!! xD

  2. Hahahaha , if it's able, i will !!! =DD


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