Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After that day i back from penang
i go penang vf my cousin sister
at the half.
v sat the cable car up to genting.
damn high.
before i up the cable
i saw a people look like how sheng[a muar fren]
after saw him
he sms me
let him saw dou me
reach genting
i faster go for reload and go ding ding qiong
play play play~haha
after play ~
v go ate Mcdonald
my lover^^
then`my 1st cousin sister said wan to meet that fren[she also know him wan]
then she cal him
he said ok
but i need acc my cousin bro n sis to use that point to change present
queue`queue and queue
he reach already
first i just said hi to him
then v go out there
so cold~
v chat at outside~
then go indoor
go go go~
nothing to do`
just chat whole day~
about 10pm
v go home
also got sat cable
so horrible
because its too dark
about 11pm
i reach home


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