Tuesday, June 23, 2009



what happen to me recently??
★everyday just do pr0jek.includes kh`sjr`geo.
★sleep lately.wake up early
★keep play hp.sms.
★headache two days ady )=
★stay tuision non-stop==
★fatter fatter and fatter. how??
★at school very happy. i l0ve all my Buddies.u all make me s0 happy.hoho
★preparing present to teacher when teacher's day[thursday].i think i wan gv once to disciplin teacher.i felt he very pityful cause he just did his own bussiness.but many ppl don like of him includes teacher.actually i know he very nice wan.cause got one time my fren was sick.stay at disciplin centre.he not just din scolded my fren. and take care of my fren. ask my fren, izit too much stress.
although he like to control us.but he just did his own i felt he is a good teacher.
★scaring to the parent's day xD [scared teacher gossip about me==]
★trouble of my exam.teacher said after august geh holiday.v need to exam again.and wanna take exam of PMR & UEC
★missing my dar[theng]
★got a new number of XOX==.u mobile are not be used cause too long din reload.
★wanna watch a movie or whatever larh,just wan play play play.==
★worrying of my dad.aiks
★expecting of our graduate trip-Pulau Pangkor[4 days 3 night]
★thanks a lot →b0ubui lim
→babe ee
→dear ying
u all gv a lot of fun to me!!^^
make me laugh.
cause if i din laugh
i will not feeling well==

finish created by fish.


  1. Hey girl~
    Same life wit u~

    really boring these days~

  2. isn't i had posted a comment for u ?
    y didnt hv d?

  3. oo`
    en nurh` i hvn accept marh`
    so don hv nurh


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