Monday, June 15, 2009

【School Reopen】

2day school reopen
2nd semester first day

damn tired`

i woke up 530 early in the m0rning
630am until 4.10pm belajar at school.
4.10pm until about 5 want present a meeting of my society.
then go home
thaught can went home and take a bath then go tuision.
h0w know~
traffic jam><
straight away go tuision centre.
5.30pm until 7pm tuision at shamelin.
7 until 9 tuision at p.perdana

omg.headache til wanna die ady
but teacher margaret give me smtg
let me f0rg0t my pain.wuakaka==

Pmr & Uec are nearer can i prepare??
i just know i dont wan take elephant or dog go home
because both als0 n0isy><

who can help me?

i know u can!
try your best!
if u get a good result, i give you a big bear~yeah~~

i still ur b.friend?
i hope yea!
u are never change in my mind!
i angry just i care you.
im not really want said such like that.
gnitez everyone.
take care of urs b0dy.

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