Tuesday, June 30, 2009

【R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson 】

my mum said not him lei geh
cause he's not so fat
i also agree of my mum



that day knew that news about that people i admire-Michael Joseph Jackson wad dead.
He dead at Friday, June 26, 2009 ' 5.26 pm`he was only 50 years old .

damn sad narh`
i so adopt of his dance narh`
already g0t 12 peoples wan suicide bcause of ur bid farewell
u really g0t many fans.
why you wan leave us suddenly?
got ppl said you is act died`
i hope is truth
bcause that mean i still g0t chance to meet you
but now....
damn sad!!
heard of news.i hate ur company
they make you so stress i know
50's concert
if me one also already got mental problem
also g0t ppl said if you don wan to operate the concert
u will die~
felt so pityful of you~

The whole world can feel the impact of this man has as a cultural icon.
Even with the negativity he got from the press and media of late, his passing has touched the whole world.
Michael Jackson known as a King of Pop.
u just g0t or ownstyle`

Rest In Peace
Micheal Jackson
v never f0rget you!
whatever ur s0ng or m00nwalk
no people can replace you!

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