Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy 38 Ladies Day :)

♥ with you all :)

It was my happy day on 8 . 3 . 2011 ! :D
keep taking photos XD and with the cap xD
all girls' voice were nice ! especially hl ! xD
just only Rm 8 ++so cheap :D
after cheong k , fish , huanxin, janice , hl , apple and kahyen went to sushi king .
lastly , leave hl , huanxin and me only . they two took me to make the necklace ! Wow ! It will twinkle at night . Before i asleep , i  looked at it , and recalled the happy moments in the afternoon :))
about 8 pm , huanxin's dad fetch hl to home and fetch me to lrt station :) thanks
830 only reach home , tired but happy :D12 am i only willing to go bed even though i'm tired :S
Really dont know what are human thinking :S we can't sleep but keep want to sleep , when we are free to sleep but we still find something to do and sleep late :S
Happy 38 Ladies Day ! :D

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