Thursday, March 24, 2011

Untitled 24.3.11

Aha ~April is going to visit me later .The time past as fast as lightning :S

Still got many things i have not done.Yesterday ,the day to take spm result . it sounds stressful for me >< the next one is us ! what have i prepare ? nothing ! my spm subject really XX . but it's not easy to put all effort on UEC , both of them also told me that it is not a easy jobs ! so i should put effort on SPM subjects ? -sigh-

Just travelled to singapore .Have a nice trips ! It was an unforgettable trips for me i ever been. xD ah ~ alot of events have happened . i will post this topic soon . haha

Ah ~ still got some friends i have not meet . miss deeply . also dont know what was happening on them recently >

Oh yea ~ your birthday is around the corner . i dont know what i want to give you as present indeed ! what will you prefer ? oh ! i've forgotten you mentioned that you prefer to pass your birthday with your beloved :S hahaha . everything would pass blurly XD

I want to grow taller !! I am short ! i dont want to become doraemon ! so .. i want to become taller , haha !
Pa scared that i will finish the snacks which he bought yesterday , he want to bring them out along . i give him this ':(' .haha, dear daddy , trust me , i'll control myself really ! xD

i put a XX after your contact name in my cellphone ,wakaka !
Opps , my second cousin sister have been in a relationship xD congratulation ! but i supposed to keep this secret! i dont want to be a loose-tongue people . so .....

My dearly mom have sicked for fews day ! sam tong >< nothing i can do it for her . suddenly want to study medical TT

Finish =]

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