Tuesday, February 9, 2010

【9th February 2010-moody-】

im quite moody to day
but im trying my best to let me laugh

during second recess. my tears really want drop already
fortunately, shook kwan consoled me and her face look funny.xD
anyway, thanks + muack :)

im sad about 'friends'
also same to yl
l came find y but y already go down with e
im seeing e going down with y without bother me

fine. i also need to settle my co-work
i also told that i got bread ,dont want go canteen
this may not her fault, i dint angry .really

just now i saw someone's blog
i think you had forgot me
is it?
xy..i scared you will

what's of the meaning of 'friends'?
this moment, i really felt no friends is better than more friends
dont know la

after this
i will forget it what i wrote
so please dont angry and dont talked about this topic again

good night


Drop your footsprint here:)