Monday, March 8, 2010

【09th March 2010】

this is my society board created by my dear ming yen.xD

right hand side got my name.xD

today face to maths and history maths got one forgot how to do><
apologize to my teacher:(
first day of reopening school
you guys chose me to do 历史科代表
mayb is my history is the worst in s1c3
so you guys chose me to do it right? =.=

dont know why suddenly make my phone til like this?!
i like pink colourr so muchhhhh❤

yesterday chat aaaaaa while with leng  luii connie.
she said babe-xiiaoyii said i very friendly
so haaaaaaaaaaaappy.xDDD
actually...connie also very friendly la
can chat with me.x)

erm...wanna talked to connie.....
❤must happy whether is single or couple:)
❤u very leng luii.xD
❤must take care of your health yea(;dont cause of any sadness and hurt your health
talked to babe-yii
❤i really miss you
❤i miss but didn't sms you cause of everytime i also not free and make you dissappointed>__<
❤also same...must always happy:)
❤i knew i still owed you something.xD

talked to all tsun jin guys
❤still got two days we finally finish our exam laa
❤aka-aka fighting

tomorrow's subjects are BM & COMMERCE
im going  k my commerce now~wooahhuuuuuuuuuuuuu
last two days~wakiakia~[self-high==]

❤MsFish enjoys SINGLE lifesss❤

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